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DOYO Live: Content Marketing Comes to Youngstown

Ross Morrone talks social media analytics during the first breakout session at DOYO Live.

Ross Morrone talks social media analytics during the first breakout session at DOYO Live.

This was a post that I put together on LinkedIn after last year's very first DOYO Live Digital and Interactive Marketing Conference. The conference is has expanded to two days for 2017: August 2-3 at the Williamson College of Business. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

In late April, I attended a mixer hosted by the Mahoning Valley Young Professionals. It was there I was introduced to Dennis Schiraldi, the Chief Evangelist at CYO Marketing in the YBI and the driving force behind DOYO Live (pronounced Dew-Yo, not Doe-Yo). Dennis spoke about this conference coming to Youngstown in August and his passion for Youngstown and all things marketing. I had a chance to speak with Dennis at the event and learn more about DoYo Live and decided to sign up for the event. 

Fast forward to last Thursday, the day of DOYO Live. The event was sold out, thanks to Dennis' saavy promotional skills (seriously - emails a few times per week, heavy presence on social media and local media; it was a well-executed promotional/PR plan in my opinion). The conference was held at the Williamson College of Business on the campus at Youngstown State (my alma mater - Go Guins!) and it brought together 200+ marketers from the Mahoning Valley. This was something that stuck out to me; that there were this many marketers in this area. The networking opportunity alone made this day a success and I hadn't even walked into the auditorium to hear our morning keynote speaker - who was none other than Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute. 

Joe was awesome. He explained his Content Inc. model for successful content marketing and how to take those concepts and apply it to your own content marketing plan. He gave examples of great content marketing from a wide variety of businesses - from the Chicken Whisperer (seriously, it's a real guy - look him up) to farming equipment giant John Deere. Joe set the tone for a day that was full of information on creating your own content marketing plan or getting the most out of the plan you already have in place. 

Next up was breakout session number one. You had the option of five different tracks, each on a different topic. I chose a track on data and analytics to drive your marketing strategy because I am not a numbers girl (I don't number or math good - ask my dad). Ross Morrone, the Director of Marketing at YSU gave the presentation and used the social media sites at YSU as his example of using the data and analytics to form his marketing strategy. The biggest takeaway I got from Ross' session was his method of building personas for each of this social media sites and the YSU website. It's a way for him to gauge which posts have more impact and who exactly is looking at everything; and is it the people that he wants to look at certain content?

We moved from the first breakout session to a thought leadership panel that consisted of seven business professionals from different industries. Dr. Adam Earnhardt did a great job of moderating the panel. Topics discussed were content marketing, what employers look for in potential employees and some tips for managing social media.

Lunch was a short walk from Williamson to Federal Plaza to V2. It was another networking opportunity and lunch was fantastic and well coordinated. The afternoon was lined up with two more breakout sessions and another keynote speaker.

I attended Deanna Fusillo's breakout session on standing out in a noisy crowd. Deanna is the owner of Sassy Girl Media and she shared her story on her entrepreneurial ventures and the importance of telling her unique story and how it helped to build Sassy Girl. And Deanna had a very cool story to tell! Sassy Girl wasn't her first business - she started selling cake pops and drawing on  her experience while promoting her cake pop business, Sassy Girl came to fruition. 

The last breakout session of the day that I attended was Danny Catullo's presentation on digital strategies and re-branding. Danny is the owner of Catullo Prime Meats in Boardman and he discussed how he leveraged social media to re-brand the butcher shop and and promote the other services the business offers. 

We wrapped up the day with another keynote presentation. Nate Riggs of NR Media Group spoke about Inbound Marketing and how it's helping to change consumer behavior. Nate spoke on the shift in the purchasing behavior of consumer since digital media was introduced, the right social media mix for your company and the importance of marketing automation. 

After the final keynote, there was more networking to be had at the M Gallery. This capped off a great day of learning and networking and it was 20 minutes from my house. Kudos to Dennis and his team of volunteers for organizing and promoting this wonderful event. I can't wait for next year!

* I'm sure I didn't cover everything - if you attended DOYO and went to different breakout sessions, post to comments and let me know how those went!