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Hey! Look what I can do!

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Logo Design and Branding

Don’t let anyone tell you different – logos are important! What’s even more important is that you have a logo that you can take and have put on t-shirts, billboards, you name it. When you work with BSquared, not only will we bring your idea to life, we’ll make sure you’ve got multiple formats for web, digital and print. 

And we don’t stop with just the logo – we’re able to create:

  • Sales pieces and brochures
  • Presentation decks
  • Trade show graphics
  • Business cards

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Website Development and Maintenance

Let’s not forget to give love to websites! After all, you have to tell people what your business capabilities are! BSquared builds websites on the Squarespace and WordPress platforms and can also provide routine maintenance and updates to your website, along with Google Analytics installation.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media changes so frequently, why not let BSquared manage your social media platforms? We can work with you to develop a social media strategy to help you grow your business, not just rack up likes and followers. We can also develop paid advertising campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google AdWords. 

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